Alex Hall22

Q. Do I have to be an “established” designer in order to work with R & C?
A. Not at all. R & C welcomes all designers, regardless of experience, background, etc.

Q. Does R & C only deal with large orders? Will they accept smaller orders?
A. R & C aims to serve its clients needs, therefore, order sizes vary and all are accepted.

Q. I’m not a designer, but if I wanted items made for a personal event (e.g., wedding, birthday), will R & C work with me?
A. Definitely. R & C provides personal orders regularly and is actually known for their work with wedding napkins.

Q. Does R & C serve those outside of NY, such as those in other states, countries, etc.?
A. While most of our work is regional (NY, NJ, PA, CT), in terms of our clientele, no, we are not geographically limited. We can definitely provide services for those in other states, countries, etc. Please contact our offices for more information.

Q. R & C is an intriguing option, however, why should I choose your company over dozens of others?
A. Quality—that is the principal issue. R & C works in a timely manner and offers its clients affordable rates, yet the attribute that allows us to remain a persistent force in the continuously competitive garment industry is our attention to detail and an unyielding desire to provide clients with the best possible service. In addition, President and CEO Ramdat Harihar has worked in the field since 1978 and is highly accessible to his customers. These four elements—quality, attentiveness, experience, and accessibility—set us apart from various other organizations and businesses.

Photo by Alex Hall