Alex Hall19Countless young designers come to New York hoping to turn their sketches into actual clothing. A few lucky ones land under the wing of Ramdat Harihar, the owner of R&C Apparel in Manhattan’s garment district. – Elizabeth MacBride, Crain’s New York Business (05/10/09)

During its tenure, R & C Apparel has worked for a diverse clientele, supplying services to firmly established industry heavyweights such as Anna Sui and Marc Jacobs, while simultaneously assisting up-and-coming designers and organizations. R & C remains a central hub for designers of all backgrounds in New York’s vibrant garment district.

If you are interested in working with R & C, please, be sure to contact our office and discuss your order with Mr. Harihar, directly. R & C works with orders of all sizes and is eager to meet your design goals.

Photo by Alex Hall